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NEET /JEE - 2023  Online Course 

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About the Course

Stella Maris Medical / IIT Foundation Conducts one year online course for Students going to Class XII in CBSE & State Board . This Course includes one year NEET / JEE -2023 online coaching classes

Course Duration & Fees

The Duration of NEET / JEE - 2023 Online Course is one Academic year .


Total Fees for this course is Rs.16,000/- only 

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Features of this Course

Watch Live Classes

Attend Daily LIVE Online Classes on your Phone / Tablet /PC in Stella Maris Live - Ask doubts and get cleared as the class is going on  

Online Test Series

Attend Online Mock Tests as Topic-wise / Chapter-wise Series on your Phone / Tablet or PC - Get notified about your results instantly

Video Lectures

Learn anytime , anywhere through our recorded video lectures - watch and learn at your own space & time

Study Materials 

The complete study modules of NEET 2023 & JEE 2023 is included in this course.

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Subscription Plan

 If you Subscribe to our NEET / JEE - 2023 Online Course - We will support you through LIVE Online Classes , Online Tests , Video Lectures & Study Materials for one academic year . The Subscription Fees is Rs.16,000/- Only 

Some of our LIVE online classes 

Note : The below video classes are made for trial purposes only. The paid or regular online classes is more enhanced in terms of audio/video quality , slide content , Pen writing quality & interaction with the students

NEET / JEE - Physics

  • NCERT Class 11

  • Chapter 3

  • Motion in a straight line 

NEET / JEE - Chemistry

  • NCERT Class 11

  • Chapter 3

  • Classification of elements & Periodicity in properities

JEE / CBSE - Maths

  • NCERT Class 11

  • Chapter 2

  • Relations & Functions

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