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NEET 2023 Model Exams  

Stella Maris Institute conducts 5 Free Model Exams for Class XI & Class XII students as per the pattern of NEET 2022 Exam. Entire NEET syllabus is divided into 5 equal parts , each exam will cover a part of NEET syllabus 

NEET 2023 Model Exams - English Medium

NEET 2023 Model Exam 1 - Code S1  

Download Now 

NEET 2023 Model Exam 2 - Code S2

Download Now 

Duration of the Test : 3 hours and 20 minutes 

Mode of each Exam ?   

  •   Pen & Paper - OMR Test 

About the Exam Series ?   

  1. Each exam will be conducted at Exam Centers in Trichy , Chennai  , Coimbatore & Vellore.

  2. Each Exam will contain separate syllabus for Class XI and Class XII  

  3. After Completing the Exam, students can download the Answer key thro this website 

  4. Results will be notified via SMS and mail to students 

  5. Students should enroll for this exam 

Download the Model Exam - 1 syllabus for Class XI & Class XII

Cost of taking this Exam series ?   

  •   Totally Free of Cost - Students need not pay any fees 

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